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Friday, October 26, 2012

Maybe how you land isn't as important as where you land

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How are you this fine rainy Friday?

So, if you don't know, yesterday, I arrived at work and my badge had been disabled. Apparently, all the temp contracts had been cancelled. I commented on Facebook that I was going to be the cat who lands on her feet.

It may have been adrenaline or denial talking, I am not sure. I don't feel so sleek and cat-like this afternoon. I feel quite a bit like my old dog the day he got so scared of a thunderstorm he got his head stuck in between steps trying to escape. Fearful and erratic are never a good combination.

Ironically, I got asked to come back to that job this morning in an email...but under completely different hours and days. I appreciate that I was referred to as a superstar, but if you remember I am also a diva, so I politely declined. In all truthfulness, the schedule just wouldn't work for me and my hardcore wife and mother lifestyle. So, yay I am a superstar!

I also had an interview this morning. Just picture me with an exasperated I can't really say nothing nice face shaking my head. They could have asked me those questions over the phone and save me the trip downtown. I am a little salty I overfed the meter but I do hope someone pulled and was able to reap that small victorious feeling one gets when they find a meter with a lot of time left on it.

I am completely lacking in the motivation to do anything right now. It's Friday. I don't want to work too hard. Plus, I'd be better off to wait 'til Monday to look again at the job postings anywhere. I don't even know where to start with the housework as I do not currently own a good flame-thrower. I've got a kid home sick. It's cold. It's rainy. Headache. Shoulder pain. Whine. Pffft. Sigh.

The only thing I know for sure is that I am making chicken tacos tonight. It's the only thing I am excited about right now. I want to make 'em with all the accouterments. Chicken. Cheese. Beans. Onions. Olives. Peppers. I want a whole little taco bar on my table.

I feel like I am in a bit of a free fall. I am not devastated about the job, but it is an inconvenience.I sort of had a suspicion that we were just pawns in a game. I am making contacts, so it's only a matter of time before I find something...or nothing. As long as things are taken care of, it's not a big deal. So right now, yeah, it's a pretty big deal with my husband and I alternatingly flipping out. If we can keep out meltdowns on an alternate schedule we won't completely lose it.

I am alright with the free fall if I land where I should be. I don't care if it's on all fours with the grace of a cat. I've never been all that graceful. No one talks about your perfect landings anyway. Also, I wouldn't want to bounce right back if where ever I bounce is just a shinier version of where I came from. I can  make a mean shredded chicken, and if I have to chose between a smooth landing and the tacos...I'll take the tacos.

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