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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lit in the Middle...

First, can I just say that the new Tabasco Buffalo Sauce is awesome? I have been pouring it on top of ranch dressing and dipping pretzels in it.

Feels a bit lately like some one saw both ends of my candle lit so they lit it in the middle to be a smart ass. It's not a complaint, more of an observation. Lots and lots to keep me busy which is always better than boredom, I just haven't quite got a handle on everything.

We were in Chicago over the weekend and the weather was fantastic! I can't say so much for here. It rained most of the day yesterday. Today, well, it was pretty gloomy to start. One of the things that attracts me about moving Southwest is the sun. I don't do so well anymore with gray skies. They are just not acceptable...maybe this positive thinking has gone overboard.  Anyway, weather wise today was humid and yucky and not very sunny.

Got together with some Clever girls this evening. It was nice. Mostly just rehashed convention for those who weren't there. I am still very excited about this company. I just wish I could get some movement and get on the board! I have been having a goofy month because I canceled the open house and have not rescheduled it. I was going to do it this weekend, but part of me wants to hold off 'til the new catalog is released in July. I really just need to get my butt in gear and get moving.  I need to sell $150 a day til the end of the month to make my goal. Seems easy, right? I hope so.

The trip knocked me off center. I am not very solidly centered yet as far as most things go and I get knocked off track pretty easily. Scheduling is hard to nail down when there are other people in your life. I am aiming toward setting some working hours of 5a-7a and again from 3p-4p. These are mostly for me to do administrative things and honestly some housework. Shifting to an early wake seems better than staying up too late. Eventually, I would just go to be earlier and everything would work out.

Everything is going to work out. I just have to have patience.

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