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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm doing better thanks for asking!

Okay, so I am up past midnight and I need to be in bed fast asleep but other than that I am doing much better than I was oh say a week ago. At least right now I am, and that's really all I can look at is right now.

I came down to write because I was laying there thinking about Qigong. Now, I don't really know anything about Qigong. I can't even define it. I can only say that I clicked through a series of links awhile back for some Qigong healing something or other. It was intriguing enough (and free) so I tried to follow what they were doing. You had to state your intention to join in the healing at the prescribed time and then during that time you had to meditate or relax so that you could more easily receive the energy.

One particular thing I remember about all the rules were that you could not state an intention for someone else because the flow of energy would basically freak them out.  Or at the very least you had to be careful about the way you did it. Anyway, on some level my cursory knowledge of this ancient Chinese secret sounds an awful lot like prayer...when done on a high than I want this I want that level.

Is it a coincidence that the more spiritually connected I become the more interested in science I seem to be? Physics particularly. I don't know. I never took it in high school or college. It always seemed beyond my reach. Then again, so did any sort of belief in any higher power.

If the Qigong healing is working and you are feeling all wonky from the inflow of healing energies would not positive, loving prayers utter by you or on your behalf by others have the same effect? And if people were praying for you and you were not receptive to the energy, wouldn't that surge be a little unsettling? How would you react? Lots of very interesting stuffs swirling around my head. I would like to be eloquent enough to have conversations about these things but alas lately there seems to be a traffic jam from my brain to my mouth.

I know this is quite a turn from my last post. I would love to get into what changed, but as I tried to recount the chain of events to a friend the other night...well, it sounded completely unbelievable and I don't want to diminish the importance this has to be by putting it up to other people's judgments. I have been feeling better everyday. I don't like being in that other place. I like it like this. This is the me I have been missing. You know the one that wants to talk about spiritually, religion and quantum physics at o'clock in the morning.

Oh, I still get bogged down at times. It's all part of life. I read a great anecdote about a storm coming through and the next morning there being a lot of debris around this particular tree. A child asked if the storm had hurt the tree because of the volume of leaves and branches that had been knock out by the storm. The child's father answered that it had not, that it was probably in better shape now because the storm had cleared dead growth from the tree. It went on to counsel that at stormy times of life we are a lot like that tree. We get beaten and battered by the winds of the changes in our lives but once the storm clears we usually find that we have knocked loose old habits, old attitudes, and other things that no longer serve us, making us better, making us stronger.

That's what I am thinking about, what do you think?

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