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Monday, May 16, 2011

Not all grey skies...

Not today. A better day.
Despite the absolutely abysmal weather, today has not been a complete loss. Sure, I haven't been motivated to do a hell of a lot but at least I can recognize my defects.

Tried to take the boy out to play and it was just too cold and wet to deal with. He was really upset, too. He is at that age where he can't always recognize the situation for what it is...he thought he did something wrong which upset him even more. It is really hard to explain to a two-year old that the conditions outside just aren't conducive to playing ball. Yet, for some reason he does totally understand that Netflix on the Wii is crap, and by crap I mean never works properly. So for the better part of the afternoon before his nap, he referred to everything that wasn't work as he thought it should as crap. Well, at least it was only crap I said.

My other half had lunch with the big boss today. That's always interesting to hear about. He seems to really be liking this new job. It's kind of weird really, it is nearly twenty of six and he isn't home yet. And by weird, I just mean hard to get used to sometimes. He used to always be home by quarter after, and even though I keep adjusting my cooking start, I still find myself trying to keep dinner warm. 

*Flash Forward through dinner and shopping with my daughter*

Just got back from shopping with Jordan. She plans to start jogging and needed shoes. Went to E-B and didn't find what she wanted, but picked up a couple of other things. Then we stopped at Goodwill, where we made out like bandits. She found a pair of practically new Reeboks for $4 and a few other things. I found a helmet for the boy for $2. Always nice to find exactly what you need at a good price. She wasn't in the market for Reeboks but you know what they say about the shoe fitting LOL

So, wow the day got better.

I still haven't accomplished much. And I certainly am not doing so sitting here on my hindquarters typing this but it's okay...

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