If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Friday, November 25, 2005

And sometimes I write...

...but I never share so I think that needs to change too. After a long, dry spell I seem to be spitting out things again. It's funny to me what sort of things can pull me out of a block. This time it was getting a dinner date canceled on account of he supposedly had a meeting at work. Anywho, might as well put 'em out instead of hiding them in my plethora of notebooks.
What you are all missing,
In your insular pursuit
Is the true beauty.
For no matter how successfully
I pull off the illusion of hot,
No matter how luminous I may appear
Going through the motions
Of yet another trite encounter.
It pails in comparison
To the me you never bother
To try to see.
I am a trillion times prettier,
Sunday morning,
Indian tunic, faded denim capris,
Hair akimbo, sorting laundry.
The sleep still clinging to my eyes.
What you are all missing
Is me.
You've got it all wrong
I've never known you enough
For this to be an obession
Just another ill-timed crush
Another maybe gone wrong
The night we met was amazing,
So much happening without trying.
But so much that could never be.
I hear though, things have changed.
I hear perhaps there is a remote chance
That I could get to know you more.
But the way people talk,
I think I should make it clear.
I don't want to be your Yoko.
I am much more the Mountain Girl type
Or a Kathleen Brennan or
Sharon Fucking Osborne for christ sake.
If I can get you to understand
Then, yes, this is a chance
I am more than willing to take.
And one more before I go :)
I keep hearing this thing about my heart
About following it
About opening it
About holding it
But it isn't as feasible as it seems
Other people
Other places
Other considerations
There is always something in the way
Follow it
Follow it
Follow it
Ignore the voices whispering in my head
Open it
Open it
Open it
Never knowing will always be worse than never trying
Hold it
Hold it
Hold it
Just don't forget what's important
Follow it
Open it
Hold it
In the end, everything is as it is supposed to be.

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