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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feelin' Like the Bee Girl in the Blind Melon video

Life is pretty plain and I wish I could say it wasn't raining in Ohio.
In a smart aleck move, I posted this to my FB as a public the other day:

Because I posted it as public it posted to my Twitter account. It got a little bit of response that and it is the which is prompting this.

First of all, Twitter still mostly alludes me. I kinda get it but I think I built my base to fast to be able to adequately function as a Tweeter. Plus, in all my Twitter experience I have noticed a large amount of... I don't know what to call it...but it's like if you crossed a leech with with an ad man and a total star fucker. Yeah, pretty fake.

Soo, when I got retweeted and subsequently followed, sigh, honestly, I thought it was some hapless hiphopper who had a good social media person. It's not racist, it's the logical conclusion of someone who has spent time doing the social media for a musician who happens to specialize in electronic music. And in normal, mistrusting gifted kid fashion I mostly ignored it until I could get more information.

So, @The_Real_Gifted's profile takes you to http://fuckyeahintellectualgiftedness.tumblr.com/ and I am all about it....of course, until it gets what it wants and leaves me sitting alone at the lunch table because the major book report is done and gone.

You know, it is not something I talk about in my life...I was in and got kicked out of the gifted program when I was a kid. I didn't get kicked out because I wasn't gifted anymore. I got kicked out because I wanted out and no one would let me and I figured out exactly what I needed to do to get the boot. I have had some slight discussions with former compadres and my brothers (both of whom were also in the gifted program which begs the question about the standards of my school's program). It's awkward and tentative, the way people relate to each other after...well, the Holocaust comes to mind.

Curse and a blessing is the best way to describe it. Once upon a time I was considered the best and the brightest and I was going to curse cancer and solve world hunger and the whole 10 hot dogs/8 buns thing and life was going to be sunshine and puppies. But here I am on a Saturday, full of wine and remorse writing a blog that barely anyone will read. I always saw great irony in the fact that our "gifted" room was off in no man's land, next to the MH (Multi-Handicapped) room. Same stick, different ends really, and if some one would have guided me through baking and selling cookies, I honestly would probably be a better person for it.

I think the curse and the blessing of giftedness is a subject I would like to cover more. If I had anymore energy for school, I would hit a psychology degree. I've always thought it would be really, really interesting to research gifted children as adults. I probably would steal a line from a week at Governor's Summer Institute for Gifted and Talented Children...."Gifted, Talented, and Emotionally Disturbed" for the title. I think of my own class and the long, strange trip most of us have taken. For all the reinforced intellection, we seem to have really gotten short changed in coping and well, geez, I don't really have enough blog space to cover this subject.

Really, I just wanted to say that who ever you are and whatever is right with you, whatever is wrong with you, there are people out there just like you and whenever you find them you should hold onto them and give them all your attention and laugh at their jokes and be extra creepy to show you appreciation.

You may not want to take my advise there. As a former gifted kid, I may do things in a weird and creepy way because I think everyone vibrates at this high level.

But yeah, it's nice to know that there are others.

Lots and lots of other.

Maybe we can become a protected class and I can file for disability on account of I am a formerly gifted child who can not pass any of these damned pre-employment test as an adult on account of years of intensive training to see things from all angles so erything is gray in my eyes.

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