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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Don't piss off the groupie...

So, I have had kind of a trying day. Seriously...work sucks in a I have the most production, this job totally meshes with my brain but I get no strokes, no kudos, no love sort of way. I have been looking forward to the fun and frivolity that is being a groupie. Show tonight in the dirty D, show tomorrow in Cbus. I have been looking forward to this.

So a good solid hour before last call...I get asked if I mind cashing out. Sure, why not since you don't seem to mind missing the damage I was planning to do. Why not, go ahead cash me out...oh and while you are at it when I go to the bathroom go ahead and clear the mfin table.

IT is not like this is primetime and you are trying to turn the table for Dufraines, party of four. Many of the people that are in your shitty establishment tonight, didn't come for you. They would not have ever had any motivation to visit this place in the middle of the urban wasteland that is Dayton, Ohio.

And now without the benefit of my liquid refreshment...i gotta wait around while the people who played haggle for what you said you would give them in the first f'in place.

It all makes me feel very, VERY Mr.Pink. Like really if you are going to be in the service industry and be this shitty...learn to type. An office job is a very steady gig and it saves you the negative karma of totally ruining the evening of someone who REALLY needed a night out.

I am so done with the dirty D and the less than stellar atmosphere. I have been trying to cut it some slack but tonight pretty much proved to me that like a lying, cheating boyfriend who says he has changed...this town is just as useless!

And on that note, sweet Cbus I am coming to visit tomorrow. Take my money and show me a good time. I am apparently not good enough to be entertained in Dayton.

Sitting alone on the front patio of a bar, not exactly how I envisioned my night. I could have stayed home for this!

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