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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get Up! You're Asleep at the Wheel!

You pay a toll to get to heaven but on the road to hell there's none
Get up you're asleep at the wheel 
Bloodhound Gang
"Asleep at the Wheel"

Crazy, crazy week here in the den! Lots to be grateful for, like the meester (FINALLY) getting his Roland Vs, my insane book buying, Attic loving teens and general tomfoolery. He found the the Roland Vs on Craigslist and we had to drive out to the middle of nowhere to get them. (Seriously, if you are from these parts and know where Hetzler Road is, go down that road and don't turn 'til you're about to fall off the end of the Earth). If you don't know Roland Vs are electronic drums and they are far superior to the Yahama set that he used to have. Craigslist is alright...if you aren't doing business on this town's west end. 

Anyway, we ended up pretty ill that night for some reason. Still can't pinpoint a cause, but for future reference pray not to vomit BEFORE you pray for a return to health. Couldn't have that one both ways, and it really quite sucked. 

Ah, the insane book buy! I ordered a three books from Amazon: 

The Ten Commitments: Translating Good Intentions into Great Choices by David Simon 
because it is the book that the next ten weeks of Sundays revolves around. I have finished it already. It was pretty good. It looks at the Ten Commandments and translates each commandment into a commitment that we should make to ourselves. Sunday with Nancy was great and I am honestly looking forward to the next nine Sundays.

Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robbins and Joe Dominquez
My husband heard about this somewhere and we epically failed to find it locally so we ordered it. I have read two chapters. It's pretty heady stuff but it's where we are to be honest. The soul (sic) purpose of the book is to have you take a good hard look at where you are and where you want to be and what makes you tick and DO something about it it. It recommends reading the book through before commencing the exercises, so it may be awhile before I get to that part simply because being married sorta forces me to have to do the exercises with my husband. I mentally ticked through one of the exercises and felt pretty good about where we are. It has you inventory your belongings, your debts, etc and come up with the most accurate net worth statement you can. Who knew right around zero could feel sooo good!

Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir by Dave Mustaine and Joe Layden
I needed a couple of bucks to get Super Saver Shipping. This book is currently being read by the other half with great fervor. I will also read it. I always thought Mustaine was dreamy.  

Then, I ordered from the Unity publisher's closeout sale.
I ordered 25 items at a grand cost of $38.50. I am not going to list them out but suffice it to say I won't be bored over the next several months.

Onto being asleep...

I dunno...that's where I see people. Asleep. Or distracted. Where did we get to this place in society where we are overwrought with children? When exactly did people STOP taking responsibility for themselves and replace any shred of human decency with this expectation that other people are to blame for your lack?

Aside from the big news that I am not going to give any further power to, because it only serves to further erode things, I have been privy to a few things in my real life that have me wondering how many sane people are left in this universe. It is really interesting to me the things that people cling to anymore. Ego is everything I suppose.

I have pretty much always been a pain in people's back sides with my questions and my skepticism.  I have for the most part lived my life from a place that most people could never imagine and I now find myself wanting to scream,"Don't buy in! Don't buy in!" In vain, though, because the people I am screaming that too are too smart and know far too much to be bothered with Truth. It is really sad to me how wrapped up in things that do not matter that perfectly intelligent people  get yoked to...

Sigh, what the fuck is wrong with the world!

What's worse is that there is a large faction of people who seek to vilify anyone who relies on a power higher than themselves. I will admit long ago I was one of those people. I could not separate the God that I know and love from the Christianity that has him so distorted. It's good though, you know, NOT having to rely on yourself to get things done. It's sad that people are the way they are.

Ironically, for the first time in my life I am some where WHERE I DO want to shout it from the rooftops. Unity. Sweet, sweet, unity.  Where ever you are on your spiritual path... except that we are not a proselytizing bunch so I can do nothing but digress. Well, that, and say that my experience thus far is EVERYTHING that I have ALWAYS felt a spiritual community should be!

For those of you local to me, I have NO qualms about suggesting you check out Unity of Dayton. I have experienced nothing but LOVE there and everyone is welcome NO MATTER where they may be on their spiritual journey.

If you aren't local to me, I would encourage you to check out the Unity website. Unity is a beautiful thing. If you are already devoted to a church, it's okay! Everything that Unity espouses will only amplify your current beliefs. Unity is based on the teachings of Jesus and the power of prayer but respects the universal truths in all religions and the individual's spiritual quest.

My heart can't keep this in any longer. I worried for the longest time about what my friends would think, but if me being me means that they do not like me than really they were not friends in the first place!! Unity is everything that I have thought my WHOLE life! God the GOOD, practicing what we preach. It is more me than most people seem to realize.

Sigh, I unfortunately feel that most people because of their fears will be alienated rather than inspired. Because Ego is everything these days so many people have fallen deaf to the Truth and live rather empty lives. I see so much pain in so many people around me and there is nothing I can do but pray.

I would really encourage anyone in my area to come check out Unity of Dayton on some Sunday. Or on some other day we have something going on. There is so much good there, and so many good people. Trust me! I would not be there if there was anything less than love and truth.

Okay, so there I made people uncomfortable about things for the first time in my life. Not worried, if you are uncomfortable when people speak of higher powers and great love then that is on you. The universe is abundant and forgiving and if you are not a part of that then you are really missing out.


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