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Monday, March 4, 2013

#BlogFlash2013 - Day Two:Technology

My family's first computer, a Timex Sinclair 2000 required me and my brothers to manually program, sometimes tag teaming for a day or two, all the lines for simple text command games with a high failure rate. Put me ahead of the curve against my peers but flash forward twenty-five years and I can't operate a smart phone.

I am still under 40 but smart phones have me looking into the Jitterbug options. I get the concept, the technology but I have caveman hands and Flintstone feet. The gargantuan hands don't make for easy touch screen use. In turn, I want to crush it under my feet. I need to evolve.

I am sure there is an app for that. 


  1. Clever post! There is quite the disconnect between people who learned to program and worked with original machines and the user interfaces we deal with now. Programmers no longer even learn certain skills that were once essential (such as writing extremely concise code) because computers run so much faster...

  2. What a smart post, it is funny yet very informative. This inspired me to write again. Thanks for this witty post.

  3. LOL I love it! Great Post!

    I could not live without mine. I have had a smart phone since they came out, my father insists I be up to speed and also wants me to have something I can keep my schedule on. If I did not have my iPhone I would not remember to take my meds!

  4. I love my smart phone but I would be a liar if I said I knew how to use it. I'm constantly asking my son and hubby who say I have club hands for this delicate technology. A very witty post. x

  5. I think we are of an age. My husband and I both remember the old Cassette Tape drives. Mine was ina Commodore 64. Amazing where science and technology has taken us. I was slow on picking up a smart phone, because I knew what would (and has) happen. I'm hooked and feel naked if I don't take it with me. Yes, the mighty can fall.

  6. Love the post, especially that closing line!