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Saturday, March 2, 2013

#BlogFlash2013 Explained

I came across this a few weeks ago, looking for ways to stop relying on myself for my posting. Although, I am not very familiar with Terry Giuliano Long I appreciate her hosting this and am looking forward to reading everyone's flashes.

The rules are simple. It started yesterday, March 1st. There is a prompt for each weekday, and you can only write 50-100 words in any style. And all participants should make an effort to at least five other participating blogs. Pretty simple. Pretty fun.

I was a day late on my first post because I got wrapped in a self-imposed exile that led me to working on things for Enpde because I tend not to get myself wrapped up in that work and tend not to second guess myself.

So whether you are a writer or a reader, take sometime to visit the challenge throughout the month of March.

#BlogFlash2013: 21 Days, 21 Prompts, 21 Posts

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