If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tis the season for thanksgiving and gratitude...

So, yesterday everyone started posting their gratitudes for the world to see. I am thankful for...or 30 days of thanks challenge...or some other cleverness. I'd really like to see people extend that 30 day challenge into a 365 day challenge. I haven't posted anything but it doesn't mean I haven't given credit where credit is due. I am sort of getting away from wanting the public adulation for my deepest most inner thoughts. (Ironic that I posted that in a blog, ain't it!?) 

The snarky side of me sees gratitude and thankful as two over and oft misused words. I'll be grateful when I warm up. I'll be thankful if I just get through dinner. I am appreciative of the fact that they finally built a Subway in my neighborhood. I'll be glad when the kids are grown. Pleased. Beholden. Indebted. I am no thesaurus but all the synonyms are meant to express appreciation.

Grateful and grace come from the same Latin root. By grace, I am referring to the unearned, unconditional, unending love from God. It is this writer's humble opinion that you can not have one without the other. I am grateful for learning that over the past year. Probably not something that people would expect from me. It is, honestly, probably why I hadn't jumped on the bandwagon yet in adding my gratitude feed to the cyberworld. It's how I feel, but I have no desire to have to defend myself against those snarkier than I. (See also previous comment about getting away from the public forum.)